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Juan P. Romano

As a motivated leader, I am dedicated to helping my team reach their goals and succeed in both their professional and personal lives. I have a passion for supporting my team and a strong interpersonal skillset that allows me to think critically, generate new ideas, and optimize efficiencies.

With a background in software, I bring a wealth of experience in customer service, team leadership, and organizational effectiveness to the table. I have a proven track record of success in fast-paced and challenging environments, thanks to my strategic thinking and collaboration abilities.

As a former CTO of two companies, I have a solid foundation in driving streamlined operations and maximizing value for my organizations. My diverse analytical skills and hands-on approach have made a significant impact in my past roles.

I am eager to bring my technical expertise and leadership skills to a new team and continue making a positive impact. Helping my team is a joy for me, and I am confident in my ability to make a difference in any organization.


Back End:C|C#|C++|Java|PHP|Code Igniter|Laravel|Flask|Golang|Rust|Django|Python|Node JS|R|Perl|Lisp|PyCharm|Rails|Ruby|.Net|.Net Core

Front End:Javascript|Typescript|React JS|Redux|Next JS|Angular|Vue JS|JQuery|CSS3|Tailwind|Babel|HTML5|Bootstrap|Sass

Databases:MySQL|MS-SQL|PostgreSQL|MongoDB|Redis|Graph QL

Tools:Git|Github|Gitlab|Docker|Kubernetes|Composer|Bash|Linux|Win Server

Professional Experience

Adviters|Buenos Aires, AR

Engineering Manager (01/2023 - Current)

  • Designs, implements, and refines product development, testing, and processes, manages staff and assigns tasks to engineering and technical personnel.
  • Leading teams in the development of new products, solutions, and processes while taking care of the development teams by helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

ENE - Enfoque de Negocios|Buenos Aires, AR

Journalist (08/2023 - Current)

  • I write a column about technology where I discuss various geeky content, technological innovations, and their relationship with different productive sectors.

Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation|Buenos Aires, AR

Professor (08/2023 - Current)

  • Professor of beginner-level Python practicals in the "Argentina Program: Bridging the Gap between Technology and the Community."

Andreani Logistic Group|Buenos Aires, AR

Director of Software Development (04/2022 - 01/2023)

  • Currently leading the developers and architects in the company (almost 200 people) while working in tandem with C-Level stakeholders to bring innovation to the company.

  • Projects that I lead:
    • Mobile Picking
    • WMS
    • Software Factory
    • SPPS

Token Sport|Buenos Aires, AR

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) (01/2021 - 04/2022)

  • I coordinate and monitor the implementation of the different projects in the company on web3 with Solidity.

  • Projects that I lead:
    • Token Sport Wallet (React JS, React Native, Node JS, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, Solidity)
    • Token Sport App (React JS, React Native, Node JS, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, Solidity)

The Bit|Buenos Aires, AR

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) (04/2020 - 04/2022)

  • Coordination of multiple development teams and development of the tech department strategic vision, budget generation and client relationships management (it was a client faced position).
  • Architecture design of the different projects, tools and processes of the company.

  • Projects that I lead:
    • mateCRM (Django, PostgreSQL, React JS, AWS)
    • Membly (PHP, MySQL, AWS)
    • Be Fit (Golang, AWS)
    • Mas Inversiones (PHP, React JS, MySQL)
    • Liquidando (Django, Cognito, AWS, React JS)
    • Africo Online (Django, GraphQL, AWS)
    • NIC AR (Django, PostgreSQL, Openshift)
    • Camplight (Vue JS, MongoDB)
    • Transparent (PHP, MySQL, Digital Ocean)
    • Natural Life (PHP, MySQL)
    • Lajara (PHP, MySQL)
    • Foot Fit (React JS, React Native, Node JS, Mongo DB, AWS)
    • Cronica TV (JSP, MySQL, AWS)
    • Repalanca (Mongo, Express, Node, React)
    • American Express (PHP, MySQL, AWS, React JS)
    • Obras Sanitarias Basket App (Xamarin, .Net Core, MS-SQL)
    • Asistire App Ministerio de Educación (Azure, .Net Core, Xamarin)
    • AySA ITIL Dashboard (.Net Core, Angular, MS-SQL, Azure)

El Cronista Comercial|Buenos Aires, AR

Software Engineer (09/2017 – 04/2020)

  • Linux servers implementation and ITIL servicies, SQL development of store procedures and report, financial systems analytics, automation of business workflows and tests.
  • Scripts and custom software development for the company.

  • Developed projects:
    • E-commerce Cronista Comercial (Node JS, React JS, Angular JS, MongoDB, MS-SQL, Azure)
    • Quien es Quien (React JS, Node JS, MongoDB, Azure)

Accusys Technology|Buenos Aires, AR

Software Engineer (12/2015 – 09/2017)

  • Development, testing, unit test and documentation of banking software for Banco Macro, Banco Columbia, Banco Ciudad, JP Morgan & Chase, Banco Comafi and Banco Hipotecario.

  • Developed projects:
    • COBIS (C#, MS-SQL, SyBase, COBOL, z/OS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.net)
    • Probatch (C#, MS-SQL, COBOL, z/OS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.net)
    • Macro Bank Home-banking (C#, MS-SQL, COBOL, z/OS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.net)

Aniceto Gomez S.A|Buenos Aires, AR

Software Engineer (11/2012 – 12/2015)

  • Development of an ERP and the company Intranet, using PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS-SQL, as well as a MRP with NodeJS taking data from PLCs controller using assemble and dumping them into MS-SQL entries.
  • Admnistration of multiple ERP platform, development in SQL, ASP, HTML, CSS and NodeJS of production line apps using Lean as standard method with ISO 20001.
  • End user support, linux and Windows server administration, Active Directory.

  • Developed projects:
    • Intranet (ASP Classic, MS-SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap)
    • CRM (Node JS, Express, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MS-SQL, MongoDB)
    • CMS (Node JS, Express, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MS-SQL, MongoDB)
    • ERP (Node JS, Express, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MS-SQL, MongoDB)

Postgraduate, Business English Program|English Language

Universidad Isabel I (2019 – 2020)

Under-degree in Software Development|Computer Science

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora (2019 – 2021)

Degree in Mathematics|Mathematics

University of Buenos Aires (2013 – 2017)


English|Advanced - (Business English Program) & EF (C2)

French|Advanced - (B2)

Russian|Advanced - (C1)

Mandarin Chinese|Advanced (HSK Level - C1)


Volunteer Experience

2023 - Current|Volunteered as an IT interviewer, conducting mock interviews for junior IT trainee profiles in under served communities with the non-governmental organization 'Junior Achievement.'

2023 - Current|Volunteered as a mentor for junior IT trainee profiles in under served communities with the non-governmental organization 'Junior Achievement', helping them with their first steps on their professional careers

2020 - 2022|Founded and led 'The Starting Dev,' a non-governmental organization where I volunteered as a Python instructor, teaching individuals with no prior knowledge of coding or computers. The organization grew to include five volunteers.